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25 Best Gifts for Aunts That Are as Special and Unique as Your Bond

She'll be happily surprised by any of these picks.

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With Christmas right around the corner, you're probably busily making your list and checking it twice. You've got gifts for Dad figured out, you've found a few awesome gifts for Mom, and you've even managed to find a few memorable gifts for your grandparents.

But there's one person you're still stumped on: your aunt! And it's really no wonder. Gifts for aunts (and gifts for nieces and nephews!) are particularly tricky because, as Ree Drummond knows, the bond between an aunt and her sibling's kids is a strong one. After all she's done for you, finding the perfect gift for her matters.

Take Ree's relationship with her own nephew, for instance. "His name is Stuart, but I still call him Tooie like we all did when he was little," Ree says. "Usually I go a step further and call him Tooie Booie. Since he's well past the age of 18, I told him I was going to stop calling him Tooie Booie and start calling him Stuart. It lasted about nine minutes."

Luckily, this list is here to help you out with dozens of fabulous gift ideas that'll make your aunt feel appreciated and loved. Each one is as personal as a DIY Christmas gift, and many are just as budget-friendly—just take a look at how many gifts under $100 you can find here! Get ready to surprise her with something truly special.

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'Cool Aunt' Shirt

You already know she's a cool aunt. Now, tell the world by gifting her one of these awesome shirts.

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50+ Reviews
The Pioneer Woman Nonslip Cutting Board Set

Yes, they're pretty, but that's not the only reason your aunt will love these boards. They feature handy nonslip corners too (in fact, Ree calls them "as useful as they are gorgeous").

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Under $45
Low Light Plants Subscription

Get this: You can gift your aunt (or anyone!) a set of low-maintenance, low-light plants on a monthly basis. With this subscription box, they'll even be able to choose a preferred planter color. 

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Under $30
'To My Aunt' Necklace

Tell her how much you love her with jewelry this year! This stunning necklace comes in a sentimental, floral-decorated box. 

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Under $20
'World's Best Aunt' Mug

"I never asked to be the world's best aunt," this hilarious mug reads. "But here I am, absolutely crushing it." Your aunt will smile each time she pours herself a cup of coffee in the morning.

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35+ Reviews
The Pioneer Woman 1.9-Quart Tea Kettle

Help her dress up her stove with this lovely tea kettle. It's made of durable enamel and features a charming, heat-resistant handle and classic-looking body.

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80+ Reviews
Personalized Family Recipe Board

Your family's treasured recipes should be commemorated, don't you think? Use this cherry wood cutting board to do exactly that—original handwriting and all. 

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Personalize It
Personalized Apron Set

A calligraphy-style font and sophisticated-looking fabric make this apron a guaranteed winner. She'll wear it every time she whips something up in the kitchen.

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Under $25
'Love You More Than Coffee' Spoon

Here's a cute find for any coffee lover: a custom spoon! It's the perfect stocking stuffer. 

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Under $20
'Let's Stay btcc交易所官网home' Candle

Talk about an appropriate gift for 2020. This "Let's Stay btcc交易所官网home" candle features notes of oak moss, grapefruit, and amber. 

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35+ Reviews
The Pioneer Woman 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Whether she needs to prep salad, pasta, or pancake batter, she'll find herself reaching for one of these mixing bowls. They'll add color, style, and utility to her kitchen cabinets and counters.

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800+ Reviews
SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

Ready to be crowned niece or nephew of the year? Then present your aunt with one of these SodaStream devices. She'll be eternally grateful!

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10,000+ Reviews
Aunt Gift Box

What aunt doesn't deserve a little R&R? The candles, lip balm, and bath bombs in this gift box will leave her feeling tranquil and refreshed. 

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For the Coffee Lover
The Pioneer Woman Coffee Pod Organizer

A charming, rustic coffee pod organizer is just the thing to get anyone who relies on a Keurig-style machine. Those vibrant floral patterns sweeten the deal.

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1,800+ Reviews
Stamped Necklace

Just enter the words "aunt" into the customization field when you're on your way to checkout, and you'll create a one-of-a-kind gift she can wear every day. 

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Under $20
The Pioneer Woman Dip Bowls

No need to pick out a favorite design. This set comes with all eight adorable patterns included, and can be used both for prepping ingredients and serving dips and spreads.

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220+ Reviews
Peanut Butter Sampler

This peanut butter "sampler" is both funny and legitimately delicious all in one. The perfect combo!

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14+ Reviews
Aunt and Niece Keychain

"The love between an aunt and niece knows no distance," reads this cute keychain. Bonus points if you attach it to a cute new bag.

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1,400+ Reviews
Farberware 3.2-Quart Digital Air Fryer

Give the trendiest gift on the market right now: an air fryer! This appliance can grill, bake, and fry family favorites with a fraction of the oil.

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600+ Reviews
'Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers'
$15.75 (37% off)

Two things everyone loves: movies and food. This cookbook combines both of them! She'll learn to prepare the deli food from When Harry Met Sally, the birthday cake from Sixteen Candles, and much more.

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Affordable Find
Aunt Definition Print

"Like a mom, only cooler," reads the definition on this sweet print, which she can place right on her desk or frame on the wall.

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1,000+ Reviews
Personalized 'I Love You' Chocolates

Yes, you can really personalize these gorgeous chocolates with her first name. Over a thousand great reviews on Etsy can't be wrong.

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Large Pots
PepperPalm etsy.com

Hand-painted pots in whimsical patterns are the perfect gift for any plant-loving aunt. A double sealing ensures that the vibrant colors you see here won't fade as time goes on.

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Under $30
The Pioneer Woman 6-Quart Portable Slow Cooker

Cook and carry your food in the same device with this nifty (and beautiful!) slow cooker. Comfort-grip handles, clips that hold the lid in place, and three heat settings make it a must-have. 

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Customize It
'Best Aunt Ever' Custom Photo Mug

A mug reading "Best Aunt Ever" would be a perfectly wonderful present in its own right. But add a few of your family photos into the mix, and suddenly you've got yourself an even more memorable present. 

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